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Modern mermaid stories are full of pretty girls with long red hair, but the men who lived and worked on the sea used to warn of creatures that used their voices to lure sailors to their doom. The hero of this short story isn’t interested in either of those things. As a scientist, Benson doesn’t […]

The Castaway Coven

Amelia doesn’t understand her powers. Ever since her two new covenmates came crashing into her life, Amelia has been playing catch-up. She’s missed out on years of training to control the powers that come with being a witch. As it turns out, the power to manipulate time isn’t so simple. As she grapples with these […]

Let’s Move to Europe

There is nothing more American than saying f*ck this sh*t and crossing the Atlantic to give your children a better life. Luckily that door swings both ways, because life in North America has taken a turn for the worse over the last generation. Half memoir and half manual, this book tells the story of a […]

The Legend of The Big Tow

From the universe of the Citadel Before Sal was the proprietor of the best restaurant on G deck, he hauled billions of tons of equipment and supplies around the great big nothing. Here is the story of how The Big Tow went from space tug to neighborhood diner. Welcome to the world of the Citadel, an ore […]

The Windless Sky

A farmgirl in space. Fulfilling her mom’s dying wish, Maisy goes to live with her dad on the Citadel, a fancy name for an ore processing plant built into the side of an asteroid. There she discovers the terrible truth… Space is boring. No alien princesses, no cool cyborgs. Just a greedy corporation that controls […]

The Golden Shoe

They are the Orphans of the Citadel. Maisy and her friends have been expelled from the Citadel, a corporate-owned station at the edge of known space. Now they’re limping their way toward a newly discovered planet aboard the Golden Shoe, a “colony ship” that is nothing more than a badly damaged freighter held together with […]

The Hummingbird Coven

Amelia doesn’t want to be a witch. Ever since her grandmother’s death, Amelia has noticed odd things happening around her. When her home is attacked by two strange girls, Amelia and her best friend, Sam, find themselves thrown into a new reality where witchcraft—and witches—are real. Offered the opportunity of a lifetime, Amelia must decide […]


Sharptooth runs through the forest under the light of the moon and spends each day hiding from the sun in the burnt ruins of her family home. One night she braves the cobblestone streets of the nearby town and stumbles upon a silver-haired girl in a walled garden. Lyssa’s parents couldn’t stand to see her […]

Blast from the Past

Anne Welsh is a typical single mom . . . until she stumbles into a bank robbery and is outed as ex-CIA agent Trixie Bigotti. After thirteen peaceful years in suburbia, Trixie finds herself on the run with her teenage daughter. Between dodging aging mobsters and bumbling assassins, she has to come clean about her […]

Worlds Enough

Not your average pickup. “No matter what my size or shape or chemical composition, I have the same rights and freedoms as any other citizen on the street.” Xo is an emancipated android out for a drink. When a mysterious stranger sits down beside her, nothing will ever be the same. Ever again. This short […]