The Windless Sky

by Michael Owens

A farmgirl in space.

Fulfilling her mom’s dying wish, Maisy goes to live with her dad on the Citadel, a fancy name for an ore processing plant built into the side of an asteroid. There she discovers the terrible truth…

Space is boring.

No alien princesses, no cool cyborgs. Just a greedy corporation that controls everything from the food you eat to the air you breathe.

Welcome to the Citadel.

Just as Maisy starts to settle into station life, the coalition government decides policing the edges of space is just too hard, so they bail. Her dad and the rest of the marines on the Citadel now report directly to the Corporation. The safety inspectors are on the first ship back to Earth.

Those who complain start to disappear.

When their parents go missing and the station goes on lockdown, Maisy and the other “orphans” of the Citadel go on the run. The temperature in the lower levels of the station is rising and communications are blocked. Suddenly…

Life is a little too interesting.

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