About Pepperback Press

Pepperback Press is a woman-led, non-profit publishing company producing fiction and non-fiction in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats. Although we are small, we are a traditional publisher and we do pay royalties. We do not charge our authors any fees for our services. Our goal is to promote marginalized voices in the publishing world, especially women, queer, and young authors. As a non-profit recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 Public Charity, Pepperback reinvests 100% of our profits back to the community we serve. If you have a completed manuscript, submit your query using this form. If your book is a good fit, we will be in touch via email.


How can I submit a book to Pepperback?

If you have a completed manuscript, use our Query Form to tell us about it.

Do I need an agent to submit a manuscript to Pepperback?

No, you can submit a query directly using our Query Form.

Does Pepperback charge authors any fees?

Never. We do not take money from our authors–and we do pay royalties to our authors from the proceeds of the sale of their books.

Do authors need to pay for editors or covers, etc?

No, Pepperback provides artwork, formatting, and editor for the manuscripts we accept for publication.

Does my book have to be completed to be considered for publication?

You need to have a complete first draft in order to submit your manuscript for review. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be a complete story with a beginning, middle, and ending.

Does Pepperback accept manuscripts from authors under 18?

Yes, but you will need your parent’s permission to enter into a contract.

Does Pepperback publish poetry? Non-fiction? Memoirs?

Pepperback publishes all fiction, from Middle Grade to Paranormal Romance. We also accept non-fiction books, although that does not include memoirs at this time. We are not currently accepting poetry.

What languages does Pepperback publish in?

At this time we are only considering manuscripts in English.

Does Pepperback accept manuscripts from outside of the US?

Yes, we accept manuscripts from authors around the world.

Is Pepperback a “vanity press” or “hybrid press”?

No, Pepperback is a traditional micropress. Although we are small, we do not charge our authors any fees and we do pay royalties.

Why is Pepperback a 501c3 public charity? What does that mean?

All of the proceeds from the sale of the books that Pepperback publishes are paid out in royalties to the authors or to vendors for services to publish and market the books. Pepperback has no shareholders. All of the profit we make goes to royalties or is invested back into the books.

Does Pepperback pay royalties? Advances?

We do pay royalties to our authors. We do not generally pay advances on royalties.

What kind of authors is Pepperback looking for?

Our mission is to amplify traditionally underrepresented voices, especially women, queer, and young authors. We welcome BIPOC authors, authors from disadvantaged backgrounds, and authors with unconventional stories to tell.

What kind of books is Pepperback looking for?

We welcome stories for Middle Grade and older audiences, including “spicy” romance. Pepperback publishes Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Horror, Romance (including paranormal, gay and sapphic, and reverse harem) and limited non-fiction titles.

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